Deep Hole Boring

As masters of the art of deep hole boring, we provide the ultimate solution to the growing requirements of the petrochemical, hydraulic and aerospace sectors for precision bores greater than 20mm diameter.

Utilising the latest in cutting and machine tool technology we achieve close tolerances, excellent accuracy and surface finishes second to none.

Deep hole boring is a machining process in which holes are drilled with a depth-to-diameter ratio in excess of 100:1.

It is used to create bores in a range of different materials, from aluminium to superalloys.

Minimum Bore Diameter 20mm 0.787″
Maximum Bore Diameter 203.2mm 8″
Maximum O.A.L.  3000mm 118.11″
Bore Tolerance under 76.2mm/3” ± 0.1mm ± 0.004”
Bore Tolerance over 76.2mm/3”  ± 0.15mm ± 0.006”
Surface Finish (Drilling Only)  3.2μ 125 CLA
Accuracy (Drill Wander / T.I.R) 0.025mm per 25.4mm 0.001″per 1″drilled

It can be used for a variety of industries:

  • Oil and gas production
  • Hydraulics
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Mold making
  • Heavy industry

Information/parameters needed for deep hole boring quoting

  • Material specification – this is essential to ensure accurate quoting as the properties for each material differ, as well as the speeds and feeds required to machine them effectively
  • Outside diameter – we need this to assess which machine can hold the component as well as to ensure that we have the right wall thickness for a safe drilling process
  • Inside diameter – this is to ensure we have tooling available as materials such as Inconel require specialist tooling
  • Overall length – these are required for tooling and machine capacity decisions
  • Type of bore – for example, is it a through bore or blind bore?
  • Depth tolerance – if you require a blind bore, we need to know the required tolerance on the bore depth. If there is excess material on the length, we can ‘back-face’ to achieve tighter depth tolerances
  • Bore tolerance – this is a major factor when quoting the deep hole drilling process. A honing process may be required if the tolerance is below the ±0.25mm industry standard
  • Surface finish requirements – in addition to bore tolerance, this is required for us to decide if we need to add a honing operation. Industry standard for deep hole boring is 3,2µ or 250 CLA
  • T.I.R or straightness requirements – we need to know these even if we are only carrying out the initial first or second stage process boring operation to ensure there is sufficient material to be turned off to correct drill wander


Why choose Hone-All for deep hole boring?

At Hone-All, we take pride in helping our customers to achieve the best possible machining results in the most cost-effective way possible. We invest in the latest deep hole boring technology as well as the professional development of our skilled engineers to deliver precise and reliable results that meet the needs of every project.

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