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CNC Honing

At Hone-All, we offer expert honing services using cutting-edge Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to produce high-quality surface finishes and geometry for a wide range of components. We can hone cylinder bores from as little as 1.5mm to 500mm to incredibly tight tolerances depending on the size and length of the component. 

Hone-All: Quality Is Our Priority

Our honing processes are carried out to exacting requirements and are to internationally recognised standards, including BS EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015. With an unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding each customer’s unique needs, we are the first choice for honing on your projects, irrespective of their size or complexity.

Our honing services are exclusively carried out at our modern facility in Leighton Buzzard, which is equipped with the latest CNC honing technology for fast and accurate results. With on-site control of every aspect of the honing process, we can continuously improve quality and lead times to exceed your production demands and achieve outstanding cost-efficiency.

Why Choose Our CNC Honing Services?

With the increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of CNC technology, our honing services offer significant advantages over conventional methods, including:

  • Exceptional tolerances and exacting dimensions.
  • Consistent accuracy and quality.
  • A high degree of repeatability.
  • Surface finishes of 0,05μ
  • In-built metrology that controls stock removal.

Our CNC honing is ideal for components that require a high level of precision, particularly in industries where the reliability and accuracy of equipment is essential.

Our Honing Technical Specifications

Minimum Bore Diameter

1.5mm 0.059″

Maximum Bore Diameter

500mm 19.685″

Maximum O.A.L.

3000mm 118.110″

Bore Tolerance

±0,005 ±0.0002”

Surface Finish 

From 0,05μ 2 CLA to 0,8µ 32 CLA 

Our Areas Of Speciality

At Hone-All, we have extensive industry experience supporting a range of sectors both in the UK and overseas. Our client portfolio includes companies from the following sectors:

  • Energy production, oil, and gas
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Printing and packaging
  • Hydraulics
  • Injection moulding
  • Medical
  • Automotive & Motorsport, including F1.

Whatever your area of industry expertise or the complexity of your project, our trained and experienced engineers have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to quality to deliver outstanding honing results that meticulously, and consistently, meet your business’s needs.

Information/Parameters We Need To Quote For CNC Honing

  • The material specification – this is essential to ensure accurate quoting as material properties differ, as do the speeds, feeds and products required to hone them efficiently.


  • Outside diameter – we need this to assess which machine the component can be held on.


  • Inside diameter – this is required to ensure we have tooling as honing tool sizes are available relative to the length of the bore diameter requiring honing.


  • Overall length – as with the first two, these are required for tooling and machine capacity judgements.


  • The type of bore required i.e., through, blind – if blind, is there a relief as honing tooling will never achieve full depth due to the design of the tools themselves. Alternatively, is it a tandem, keyway or serrated bore? All of these add complexity to the process, often requiring specialised tooling.


  • The bore tolerance – bore tolerance is a major factor when quoting the honing process as the tighter the tolerance, the harder it is to achieve, depending on the bore diameter.


  • The surface finish requirement – this is needed to ensure we are quoting the correct finish for the appropriate application. Unbelievably, you can supply a finish which is TOO good for certain applications.


  • Roundness, straightness or cylindricity specifications – these are required to ensure we can meet all required parameters.


  • Stock removal – this is essential to guarantee we are quoting you the best possible price as the more stock, the more time the process takes. If there is excessive stock, we also have to factor time for the material to “cool” as the bores can shrink back after they have heated during the honing process.
  • Whether any bespoke gauging is available from you as highly specialised gauging can be extremely costly and can sometimes render the job not financially viable if only a small volume is required.

Committed To Our Customers’ Needs

At Hone-All, we always take the time to consider each customer’s individual requirements and project priorities. We professionally plan all of our honing processes, clamping and tooling methods to ensure that the finished component offers quality, accuracy, and suitability for its intended purpose.

We will be happy to produce a detailed quotation for your project and will explain every element of the pricing, so you understand how our work will offer you exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness.

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