Supplier Testimonials

Julian Hooper

MD, Sunnen Products Limited

“Sunnen Products Limited have been dealing with Hone-All Precision Ltd for over 15 years and have found them to be a very forward thinking and progressive Company, this forward thinking has given them a well laid out and well organised new premises which has enhanced the way they conduct their business. When calling either in person or on the telephone to Hone-All you are always met with a friendly reception and an easy of manner, which makes it a pleasure to do business with. It shows the Companies forward thinking in achieving the accreditations they have I would like to wish them all the success in the future.”

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Alan Hudson

Area Business Representative, Cromwell Ltd

“Having dealt with Hone-All for a number of years, I was very impressed with the new facility in Leighton Buzzard. It’s very unusual for the premises of a sub-contract engineering company to portray such a professional image.This, however, is not purely from a sales turnover point of view. While I certainly appreciate the business they place with me, of equal importance is the enjoyment that I get from working with the team at Cherrycourt Way.

These days I always feel like one of the team and an integral and important part of their continuing success story. From the directors, Colin and Andrea Wilson, through to the engineers on the production floor there is a palpable desire to grow, develop and improve processes and manufacturing methods to meet the changing needs of their customers. A desire to be constantly aware of new technologies and how that they can be of benefit to their business, safety and environmental commitments. It is said that a true measure of any company is not how they function when the market is favourable but, rather, how they deal with more challenging conditions. Hone-All is not a company to complain about a shrinking market or weak currency conditions but one that continues to push forward and to make a sound investment in the future. This has been demonstrated by their move to new premises, in Leighton Buzzard, which not only provide a safer and more efficient workspace but also a lighter, more modern and more pleasant environment for all of their people to work in.

Also of note is their continued investment in training and the pursuit of new accreditations to open up new markets and opportunities. In summary, Hone-All Precisionis a vibrant and forward thinking company and I have no hesitation in giving my endorsement.”

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Geoff Nelder

Head of Cranfield University Manufacturing Consultancy

“It is rare to find a company that make the commitment to a long-term, rewarding partnership with the University. Hone-All is one of the exceptions and the benefits flow both ways. One area in which they have consistently invested and are always open to new ideas is staff development focused on continuous improvement of business and production processes.”



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