Deep Hole Boring

As masters of the art of deep hole boring, we provide the ultimate solution to the growing requirements of the petrochemical, hydraulic and aerospace sectors for precision bores greater than 20mm diameter.

Utilising the latest in cutting and machine tool technology we achieve close tolerances, excellent accuracy and surface finishes second to none.

Minimum Bore Diameter 20mm 0.787″
Maximum Bore Diameter 250mm 9.842″
Maximum O.A.L. 3100mm 122.047″
Bore Tolerance under 76.2mm/3” ± 0.1mm ± 0.004”
Bore Tolerance over 76.2mm/3” ± 0.15mm ± 0.006”
Surface Finish (Drilling Only) 3.2μ 125CLA
Accuracy (Drill Wander / T.I.R) 0.025mm per 25.4mm 0.001”per 1”drilled

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