Deep Hole Drilling Machine

CNC Gundrilling

Combining the very best in technology and technical ability, our deep hole drilling department exceeds the needs of customers who have requirements for holes between 3mm diameter and 28mm diameter, to depths of up to 2500mm.

With an impressive selection of deep hole drilling machines at our disposal, we provide a highly cost-effective, rapid response solution to industries requiring the highest quality within the shortest possible time frame.

Minimum Bore Diameter 3mm 0.118″
Maximum Bore Diameter 28mm 1.102″
Maximum O.A.L. 2000mm 78.740″
Bore Tolerance ± 0.5mm ± 0.002”
Surface Finish (Drilling Only) 1.6μ 63√
Accuracy (Drill Wander / T.I.R) 0.025mm per 25.4mm 0.001”per 1”drilled

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