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The installation of our large capacity section comprising of a Deep Hole Borer, CNC Colchester Combi 6000 and large, horizontal honing machine was imperative in order to meet the requirements of this industry. The capacity to drill, hone and turn components up to 3 metres in length has assisted us in expanding our services to this sector.

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The aerospace industry places many demands on the engineering sector. Strict procedures, complete traceability, very close tolerances and quality plan requirements must be adhered to at all times. We satisfy these demands for our aerospace clients and relish the challenges they place upon us.

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Honing is a pre-requisite within the hydraulics industry. Honing produces surface finishes required for many pistons to work effectively and without excessive wear.

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Hone-All supply high precision rollers and shafts to the packaging, converting and print industries ranging from 50mm long up to 4 metres in length. The material technology involved in roller production is a key element for print & packaging OEMs.

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We machine a variety of components for at least three of the current Formula 1 teams. These include Anti-Roll Bars, Steering Columns, Clutch Shafts, Uprights, Driveshafts and Transmission components. Materials include titanium, aluminium and steels.

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Medical work is often very small and intricate, requiring very tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. It is our honing and EDM section that tend to complete most of our medical related services – drilling small holes in items such as optical and joint equipment is often required, as weight and size are always imperative – especially if that part is to be placed inside someone to carry about for the next 40 years!

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Mould tools, large cavity blocks and Bolster plates required for the process of Injection Moulding often need to be gundrilled in order to produce the waterways / cooling holes required to keep a constant temperature whilst processing.

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