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Extruder Barrels

At Hone-All, we manufacture custom-designed extruder barrels, screws and moulding equipment for clients in the plastics industry.

  • Replacement extruder barrels and parts
  • Barrel repairs and maintenance
  • New vented extruder barrels
  • All sizes of barrel available
  • Custom designed feed screws

Our extruder barrels are used to make a wide range of polymer components, which are put to work in various commercial applications:

  • Plastic piping
  • Toys and commercial products
  • Automotive and aerospace components
  • Window fascias/frames
  • Plastic film, packaging and sheeting
  • Rubber tyres
  • O-Rings

What Is Plastic Extrusion?

In extrusion, pellets of polymer plastic or rubber are fed into the top of an extruder barrel, which is heated by means of a heat exchanger to the melting point of the plastic. A rotating feed screw pushes the plastic material through the barrel in a continuous stream, shaping the molten material into the appropriate mould/die.

Extrusion Versus Injection Moulding

Extrusion is a cost-effective alternative to injection moulding in many applications. The principal difference is that extrusion is a single-stage process, in which the plastic pellets are melted at the same time as being fed into the die/mould.

Injection moulding, on the other hand, directly injects the molten material into the die, necessitating a two-stage process whereby the plastic is first heated to melting point and transferred to the injection mechanism.

This gives plastic extrusion three advantages over injection moulding:

1) The process takes less time, leading to greater efficiency and higher throughput
2) Less energy is required, making the process more cost-effective
3) Less equipment is needed, as extrusion does not require a separate melting chamber

Why Choose Hone-All For Your Extruder Barrels?

The success of plastic extrusion rests on the design and quality of the extruder barrel. Each application requires a specific size and configuration of barrel, with the appropriate inlays to allow the feed screw to carry out its role. This is why we place great emphasis on understanding our customer’s requirements and machiing bespoke barrels that maximise efficiency while minimising maintenance.

By ensuring the highest levels of machining during the manufacture of your extruder barrels, we guarantee:

  • Long barrel life
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Reliability
  • Increased extrusion rate/throughput
  • Increased productivity

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