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Andrea Wilson


Our culture is one of a family business with the emphasis on approachability, teamwork, communication and co-operation, with an open policy on management and business strategy that invites the support of every member of the Hone-All team. This approach may not be right for every business but it works for us, not least because we believe in equipping our team with the skills they need to take more responsibility and then trust them to deliver.

We take our business personally and pride ourselves in ensuring that we achieve the best possible outcome for the customer regardless of what it takes. We are keen to share best practice at all times and have an open door policy for any visitors who wish to come and see what we’ve achieved. We ask only one thing in return – an honest and open view of what they’ve seen and how they would improve it further to ensure that we never stop trying to improve.

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Colin Rodney

Managing Director

Hone-All has all the knowledge, experience and variety of skills needed to tackle some very challenging projects. Added to this, our relocation in 2008 to much larger premises has produced the quality controlled and efficient production environment essential to compete successfully in a technology-driven and cost-conscious world.

Our latest investments highlight the changes we have made, and the improvements we are continuing to make, as part of a long-term commitment to our customers.

We are totally focused on providing a competitive service in terms of the precision machining of high value-added components, especially where this involves difficult-to-machine materials that demand both specialist knowledge and the right equipment.

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